SEAGRASS Limestone - Slab Series
SEAGRASS Limestone - Slab Series
SEAGRASS Limestone - Slab Series
SEAGRASS Limestone - Slab Series
SEAGRASS Limestone - Slab Series
SEAGRASS Limestone - Slab Series
SEAGRASS Limestone - Slab Series


SEAGRASS Limestone - Slab Series

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  • Material: Limestone
  • Application: Interior/Exterior
  • Area: Ideal for flooring, walls and counter-tops
  • Shape: Special Order - standard slab size is 120"x60", most common thickness is 2cm/3cm
  • Finishes: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Flamed & Brushed, Bush-Hammered, Sandblasted, Tumbled, Brushed
Beautiful Stone, Great Advantages...
The rich fossil content and the formation geometry suggests that the Seagrass limestone precipitated at a sea and reef environment not a lake environment like most other limestone.
The high pressures of the sea environment are the reason why Seagrass limestone is relatively higher in strength and durability as compared to other limestone.

    Some Seagrass limestone formation creates a “line up” of the texture and the structural orientation presents some precipitation marks which are called “veins” in the marble industry, but these may also be interpreted as wave marks of the sea environment.

    Seagrass limestone, having been formed millions of years ago at the lively reef and sea environment are decoration the buildings of today; contributing to the lives and values of the residences with its unmatched physical characteristics, style, aesthetics, and living stories.

    We offer two main groups of color selection of Seagrass limestone, which are called “Seagrass” and “Turquoise.” Based on this selection, the surface finishing applications are utilized as below:

    • Polished (Turquoise, Seagrass)
    • Honed (Turquoise, Seagrass)
    • Flamed (Turquoise)
    • Flamed & Brushed (Turquoise)
    • Bush Hammered (Seagrass)
    • Sandblasted (Seagrass)
    • Tumbled (Seagrass, Turquoise)
    • Brushed (Turquoise, Seagrass)


    • Hardness and endurance:
      • Possibility to apply various surface finishings;
      • Resistance to breaking;
      • Thin tiles are possible;
      • Keeps the aesthetic look for a longer duration;
      • Less wastage during installation;
      • Higher impact resistance;
      • Resistant to freezing and thawing;
      • Can be sued outdoors both as pavers and as cladding.
    ** Pictures of this product is ONLY to show the color range;
    ** Stone is a Natural Product therefore Color and Veining will vary from one piece to another and within each stone;
    ** New Produced Slabs won't look exactly the same as the pictures, but it will have similar color range.

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